We are a C-Walk Movement from Europe. We want unite alle the C-Walkers in Europe together in one Crew
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 [FAQ] What is the difference between the Crip Walk, Clown Walk, and Crowning?, The difference between all 3 explained.

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PostSubject: [FAQ] What is the difference between the Crip Walk, Clown Walk, and Crowning?, The difference between all 3 explained.   Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:45 pm

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Q: Where can I Learn about the Crip walk?
A: Google.com or go onto youtube and search "Crip Walk Tutorial"

Q: Are there any REAL Crips here at Endless European Movement?
A: No. Although some members might know/or run in Crip circles. You will find alot of people claiming they are Real Crips are really only poser e-thugs

Q: Do We Have to Spell our hoods in our videos?
A: No

Q: What is the Diffrence Between Crip walking and Clowning?
A: The Crip Walk, or C-Walk, is not, as many assume, a dance, but rather a walk
It originated in the early 1980s in South Central Los Angeles as a symbol for Crips
The mutation of the Crip Walk is the Clown Walk, also sometimes referred to as the "C-Walk"
This creates some confusion, but there are major differences in the way each is performed;

The Crip Walk is often considered to be the slower of the two, but this does not define it. The moves performed in the Crip Walk are often less ‘flashy’ and ‘technical’ than the Clown Walk. The Crip Walk has more emphasis placed on the laid-back style of the walk itself and the smooth execution of the moves in the act of making a gang-related statement. In a traditional sense, the main focus of the Crip Walk, is to represent your hood, area code or gang. This is done by throwing up signs using your hands and spelling out sets of words, area codes or other gang related references using fancy footwork.
While performing the walk, it symbolizes a ritual performed for reasons directly related to the gang, where the moves are associated with representing the specific gang, and is not an innocent dance to impress an audience.

Moves commonly associated with the Crip Walk are the shuffles and V variations.
Although these might seem like basic moves, it takes true skill to perform them with style.
“The Crip Walk more recently adopted the name ‘OG Walk’ or ‘Original Gangster Walk’ by newbie fucks who don’t know shit.” –Ghost.
The Crip Walk has strong historic gang association and could offend others.

The Clown Walk is a dance style, and refers to footwork elements only. The Clown Walk is an evolution of the Crip Walk, taking the foundations of the Crip Walk and expanding them into faster, flashier moves and more technical combinations.
The Clown Walk’s purpose is to set itself visually apart from the Crip Walk, to have absolutely no gang association at all, and to impress an audience.
The main move associated with the Clown Walk is the heel-toe and its various ‘flashy’ combinations.
The Clowning style mixes the Clown Walk footwork with a full body dance that can consist of popping, waving and almost any other hip-hop style. However, "clowners" are not limited to expanding their moves to such complexity, and may have a relaxed style that is similar to the gang ritual, the Crip Walk. This sparks confusion and aggression over whether the walk is meant to be for fun, or whether it is meant to make a territorial statement.

Ultimately what separates Clown walking from Crip walking and from Blood walking is the absence of signs and other gestures symbolizing gang affiliations. Without making your presence an intimidating one that demands respect for a gang, Clown/Crip/Blood walking is simply a dance that has been adopted into the hip hop culture.

Clown walking is often also referred to as C-Walking, because ‘Clowning’ coincidentally also starts with ‘C’ and can be abbreviated to ‘C-Walking’. Most people associated with either form of expression will clearly be able to set them apart as they are visually different.

Q: Can I get hated on from Cwalking?
A: Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Some Crips dislike the idea of non-crips doing this walk, but you should be fine cwalking at a party, club or infront of your house.

Q: Is Cwalking a dance?
A: Crip walking is not a dance. The evolution of crip walk, the clown walk can be seen as a dance because it is adopted as more of a funk style.

Q: What is the OG walk?
A: This was created by newbies in reference to the Crip Walk. If you use this term you are considered a newbie.

Q. What is the B-walk, are there any vids?
A: Most probably, but i doubt any of us are Gangbangers so you do your own research. IT IS OUT THERE.

Q: What is Crowning or Crown Walking?
A: ‘Crowning’ is a modern day term coined by Celletel which refers to C-Walkers that can alter their walk to suit both unique styles of Crip Walking and Clown Walking. Only a unique few can master this talent, as most find it difficult to switch their styles up.
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[FAQ] What is the difference between the Crip Walk, Clown Walk, and Crowning?, The difference between all 3 explained.
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